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From Under the Bridges of America
Homeless Anthology
Autographed Signatures

Under the bridges

In this powerful collection of poems and art the reader is compelled to face, and acknowledge, those images most of us have chosen to ignore: homelessness, hopelessness, and despair. Living under a bridge is a state of existence most people would rather ignore - but this book helps make sure we do not forget our humanity. There is a kind of digity here we can all understand. We are all one step away from failing - but also one step away from being lifted up. This book is filled with hope - hope, humanity, and yes, a kind of holiness.

--Alan Birkelbach
2005 Texas State Poet Laureate

Homelessness Hurts!
Homelessness is a rampant cancer embedded across America!
Our book was published to help raise awareness and funds for the homeless.
Seventy compassionate, accomplished poets from across America donated their homeless poems to this poignant publication to support the cause.

You can help, please purchase the book.
Funds have been donated to Homeless Chairties.

It took 9 months for this book to materilize and be published.

Publishers, Judy and JDarrell Kirkley

To order the book: $14.00 + $4.00 postage. PayPal to Allow 3-4 days to ship.
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Space Cat Children's Book
Autographed Signatures

Cover Kids
old car spaceship

Book has 28 illustrations, several NASA pictures. Children love this educational story about the planets. Ages 5 - 12 reading level, or wonderful story to read to younger children.
Emma & Rilly, cousins meet Star the space cat at Grand Mothers and they travel into space with Star, to visit and learn about the planets.

Copies are signed by Author Michael Baldwin and Illustrator, JDarrell Kirkley.

Provide a name or names and the book will be autographed & endorsed directly to the child(s).


solar system

Children's book on the Planets. Illustrations by JDarrell, Author, Michael Baldwin, 5-12 age level. Personal Autograph to your child or grand kid - Book only $15.00 + $4.00 shipping

JDarrell Kirkley
528 Choctaw
Quitman, TX 75410

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