14" x 20" High Quality Color Prints Signed- unframed

003 "Lilium's Breath" $69.00 Free Shipping - unframed
009 "Swims the Goose" $69.00 Free Shipping - unframed
007 "Lilium Twins" $69.00 Free Shipping - unframed
0010 "Flight of the Moth" $69.00 Free Shipping - unframed
006 "Lilium Tongues"$69.00 Free Shipping - unframed
008 "Lilium Profile" $69.00 Free Shipping - unframed


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Masonic Greeting Cards


To pay for art with PayPal, Submit to: jdarrell@jdkcom. com
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JDarrell Kirkley
4545 Fremont LN.
Plano, TX 75093

With checks, allow 3 Weeks for delivery otherwise 5 working days to ship.

Judy & JDarrell Kirkley



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